I finally own a Switch!!

So it has finally happened, I have at long last got my hands on the Nintendo Switch! I have been interested in trying the Switch since its initial release in March of last year, my main concern in 2017 was that there wasn’t an awful lot of games available, in fact there were very few titles available upon the release of the console, I simply couldn’t justify £280 for the console alone when there wasn’t much to be offered games wise. Granted The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds would have been a good enough reason to buy the console for die hard fans but for me personally as much as I enjoy a good Zelda game I simply couldn’t justify that amount of money for a single game when there many other games that I had an interest in for my PS4, Xbox One and PC.

nin switch

These days however the Switch is starting to boast a healthy amount of games, plenty that hold a certain interest to me. Naturally when I bought my Switch I did get Breath of The Wilds with it and all I can say is WOW! It is a truly incredible experience, I am almost gutted with how long it has taken me to play it, a review will be coming in for Breath of The Wilds as soon as I am done with my adventure in Hyrule. Alongside Zelda I decided to buy a game that I have always been meaning to play, especially since I thoroughly enjoyed the first instalment, Bayonetta 2 has proven to be an enjoyable experience, a game that works very well on the Switch I have to say, the fact that a free code for the first Bayonetta came with it only adds to my impression of the purchase.

I have always felt that the premise of the Switch has been solid, the ability to both use the console as a home console and portable device certainly adds to its appeal, a unique quality that the other main stream consoles are missing. I love being able to play some Zelda from the comfort of my front room, then being able to take it with me be it at work or a friends or even if I am travelling for a considerable time! The graphics are stunning, Breath of The Worlds is a visual beauty! The second I left the temple, entering Hyrule for the first time my breathe was taken away.

As I do with every console I had to purchase an extra controller…..or two! I simply couldn’t decide between the Legend of Zelda or Crash Bandicoot so I found myself purchasing two new controllers for my switch. The controllers are extremely light and have a nice feel to them, very comfortable to hold, a great purchase for sure, I am well and truly kitted out for some gaming parties!



As I stated above my main reason for finally purchasing the Nintendo Switch was the increasing size of its gaming library, here is a list of just a few games that I am keen to take with me when I go on my travels:

·        Dark Souls Remastered – I know this hasn’t been released yet and I already own it on the PS4 but the idea of being able to journey through Lordran while on the go is rather appealing.

·        Pokemon Lets Go – Again this hasn’t been released but at least there is a release date Available (November 16th 2018). It is a pokemon game, do I need any other reason? Of course not, the real question is do I want the Pikachu or Eevee edition? Leaning more towards Eevee!

·        Mario Aces – Tennis has always been a favourite sport of mine, I enjoy watching all four grand slams every year and I have always found tennis games to be surprisingly enjoyable so naturally throwing Mario into the mix is going to create a golden game that I must own.

·        Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Crash Bandicoot on the go! Enough said

·        Mario Kart 8 – It is almost like a right of passage for all Nintendo console owners to have a Mario Kart game and for me it has been years since I owned Mario Kart, I am determined to change that now that I have the Switch.

·        Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – I love the first one so naturally the second one has found itself on  my radar.

·        Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Dynasty Warriors in the form of Zelda…..YES PLEASE! This is an absolute must have, I will have this game in my collection very soon, I guarantee it!

·        Splatoon 2 – honestly I have never played Splatoon at all but I think it looks like it could be a lot of fun, especially on a Friday night with some drinks and my friends, then again a lot of the Switch games would be perfect for that kind of Friday night!

That is just a few of the games that are currently on my radar, if you have any games that you would personally recommend that I haven’t mentioned here then I would like to hear what games you guys enjoy.

I have got many posts that could be coming your way now that I finally own the Nintendo Switch, from my complete thoughts on the console itself to its ever increasing game library. 


  • Congrats! Mario Kart is a must-own, I also highly recommend Celeste, if you’re into platforming. It’s challenging and beautiful, with an amazing story to boot. Also Shovel Knight, if you never got to it on another console. Both are pretty cheap games!

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  • Hyrule Warriors has been great fun and there’s a LOT of content in it if you like the warriors style of games. Look forward to your YouTube videos on it!

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  • I was like you and didn’t buy one for a while, when I did the Xbox remained king in my house.
    The best two I’ve played on it are Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Forces.
    I think it’s best in console mode but look at the controller layout, it makes it easy for an xbox user to adjust in console mode.

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    • I have had a few people recommend Odyssey, think I may have to get it. I’ve been looking at sonic forces for a while so no I doubt I will get it eventually.
      Yeah that is true, Xbox players will adapt to it in console mode very quickly thanks to the controller layout.

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  • Not a huge Nintendo fan but more and more games are getting me interested in the switch like Skyrim and Crash on the go. Maybe one day I’ll get one, it did take me years to get the Wii U!!

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  • Very nice! Hope you continue enjoying it! As far as recommended games, I would put in a pitch for Super Mario Odyssey and Shovel Knight. And Stardew Valley, if you ever want something super chill to enjoy.

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    • I’m definitely gonna give Odyssey a go, any Mario game instantly gets my attention! Never played shovel knight so I will check that one out, I just added stardew valley to my collection 🙂

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      • Stardew Valley is a great one! And I actually just started playing the game Hollow Knight a few days ago…I’d strongly recommend that as well if you haven’t played it! It plays like a strange hybrid of Metroid, Dark Souls, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


  • If you’re into it, I recommend Stardew Valley. I got it about a week ago and it’s a blast. Wouldn’t have thought an rpg farming game would be something I’d enjoy.

    And Undertale, I’m going to be replaying that when it’s on the Switch.

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  • Happy to see you join the switch family. They are so many recommendations but so little time. As I learn more about your interest maybe I’ll recommend a few.

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  • Tropical Freeze is one of my favourites. Bayonetta is a great too.

    But if you like a good JRPG, you should look into Ocopath Traveller when it comes out later this month. There is a free Demo available too.

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  • I would recommend Octopath Traveler which will be out this Friday! There is a demo that is currently available on the Switch if you are interested in learning more about the game.

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  • Splatoon 2 is a lot of fun! A great game to pick up on the go and play in short bursts too

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  • Congrats on getting a Switch!! I know It’s probably cliched as heck, but you can’t go wrong with getting Super Mario Odyssey 🙂

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  • Surprised no one has mentioned it in the comments. Xenoblade 2 is actually a really amazing game. The story is really amazing and it’s a pretty long game. The combat system is really in depth and the characters are all Lovable. There are serious moments and goofy moments but it’s all thrown together perfectly.

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  • David Henderson

    Definitely check out Super Mario Odyssey. The game is incredible and I still love watching the trailer for it from E3 2017. XD

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  • Mario + Rabbids was surprisingly great. No idea how they ended up going for a tactical RPG, but it really worked.

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  • Loved the blog, and your choice of games! I was one of those people that did buy my switch for Breath of the Wild. I enjoyed how in depth you went your game wishlist and the stuff you bought. I do own the Zelda controller as well. I definitely recommend that you check out Super Mario Odyssey. What made you lean towards Eevee instead of Pikachu? (I picked Pikachu)

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    • Thank you! I think Odyssey is the next Switch game I’m going to get, I’ve had so many people recommend it. I chose Eevee because as much as I love Pikachu there hasn’t been any game yet that has Eevee on the cover, one of my favourite pokemon is also Eevees dark evolution Umbreon. I have a lot of love for Pikachu though!


  • How are you finding the switch now? I’m a bit tentative on getting on as I had the wii before and it got boring so quickly and I went straight back to the Xbox lol

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  • Definitely check out Octopath Traveller. A helping of nostalgia with some modernized graphical flourish splashed on it.

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