Video Game Bosses: Ep 1 The Bed of Chaos (New YouTube Series)

So I have decided to start a new series of videos on YouTube, one of my favourite aspects of any video game is its bosses, seriously, the bosses than any game has to offer has both the capability of launching it into video game stardom or being the final nail in the games coffin making sure it is buried well into the depths of video gaming hell. There are several aspects to any boss that will affect which end of the spectrum the boss finds itself at, the lore of a boss, the arena, the area in which it resides and the fight itself just to name a few.

With bosses having such a powerful influence over my experience with any adventure I happen to be embarking on I have decided to share my thoughts of some of the best and worst bosses that video games have to offer on a weekly bases, they will be random each week and may come from any genre be it Souls like games that have truly set the standard for bosses in modern gaming or horror games, platformers to RPGs and everything in between, there are many incredible/ despicable bosses out there and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you one boss at a time!

Of course, if you happen to have any requests in regard to what boss I do next then I encourage you to contact to let me both the boss and the game it hails from, I am more than happy to listen to any requests, I will do my best to give your choice of boss the reception it deserves on my channel be it a warm welcome or a verbal slating. Bosses stick out in our minds for many reasons, not all of them good as my first choice for the series will demonstrate.

The Bed of Chaos from Dark Souls…AKA the Bed of Bullshit! It is a truly horrendous boss in what is seen as being one of the best games from the last generation consoles, not to mention how well loved the entire series is! But the Bed of Chaos is widely seen as being the worst boss out of all the Souls games including Bloodborne, if you haven’t played Dark Souls (I can’t recommend this game enough if you haven’t) then allow me to give you a quick list of things that make this boss truly disastrous.

1.      Dark Souls turns into a platformer, it basically becomes Mario Souls or Dark Bandicoot! In a game that is hailed for its gameplay and melee combat a platform boss is not welcome here!

2.      The run up to this boss is ridiculous, if you die and to be honest you absolutely will your first time here, then you have to make that long and tedious run all over again.

3.      The lore of the boss is excellent, the Witch of Izalith is a vital character who has been poorly represented with these old roots.

4.      The boss is mandatory, poor bosses may be excused should they be optional, that is not the case here.

If you would like to witness this boss and hear exactly what I have to say then please click on the video below. Remember if you have any requests please feel free to reach out to me, thank you for so much for reading, hopefully this is a series that you feel you can get behind.


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