Assassins Creed: Odyssey, I KNEW WE WERE GOING TO GREECE!!

If there is one game that I had a keen eye on this year it was Assassins Creed Odyssey, after monumental success of Origins last year which has become my favourite even Assassins Creed game I was waiting rather eagerly to find out what direction Ubisoft was going to take the next instalment in. I have always been quite a big Assassins Creed fan despite feeling it had lost its way a few years ago, my journey through ancient Egypt last year restored my faith in the series, perhaps that is both because of the two year release gap and the overhaul to various elements including the combat system.

A little while ago I did a post speculating on what I believed could be the next location for the series and I am over the moon to shout I WAS RIGHT!  I knew we would be heading to ancient Greece, if no other reason than it makes sense, Origins was set in ancient Egypt with mentions of Greece so for me the next logical step was always going to be heading onwards to Greece. A very popular point in history, many gamers worldwide will enjoy exploring yet another ancient civilisation with some important history. Visiting the birthplace of Achilles is something I am very much looking forward to, becoming a true spartan is going to be joy to accomplish. I hold a strong love for this time period and the gods of ancient Greece

The game looks visually stunning, truly beautiful but what else was I expecting? I mean, the appearance of Origins took things to the next level meaning Odyssey was always going to be a visual marvel. An interesting addition to this game is that we get to choose our gender, I know back in Syndicate we would choose between the twins Jacob and Evie but in Odyssey we are choosing who we are for the entirety of the game. Do you want to be the deadly Kassandra or Alexios (very Greek)? I like this addition it is a simple thing to add yet it will bring a bit more freedom to the players which will no doubt be appreciated by many, not to mention the difference in gender is said to affect certain storyline elements. Speaking of giving more freedom to the player, we now have choices to make in our dialogue and as a big RPG nerd I am ecstatic with this! I love being able to choose how I respond to certain situations and sentences.

Ubisoft have been adding more and more RPG elements to Assassins Creed over the years with many changes being made to the core game in Origins, clearly this trend is being brought forward in Odyssey, much welcome by me, the weapons and armour system was fantastic last year and I absolutely loved the revamped combat system, so much better than just mashing the same button over and over again. Weapon engravings has been added to this new instalment building upon the RPG elements brought forward in Origins, this is a very popular component to many RPGs adding various stats to your weapon such as critical damage.

I must admit that I was quite shocked by the release date, I wasn’t expecting to see another Assassins Creed game until 2019 due to Origins only being released back in October 2017 but having said that this isn’t due to Ubisoft rushing to capitalise on the success of last years Assassins Creed. Odyssey was being worked on along side Origins, Assassins Creed Odyssey has been in the making for three years perhaps that is why the game looks as incredible as it does. I felt the need to point this out, I understand how people could be a bit wary given there isn’t even a year between the release dates, but it has been given the same treatment as Origins, in fact it has been given an extra year.

I will be keeping a very close eye on Odyssey in the coming months as we reach its 5th October 2018 release date. My collectors’ edition is already on pre order, are you as excited as I am for Assassins Creed Odyssey?


  • I am very excited for Assassin Creed: Odyssey, I can’t wait to see Ancient Greece! I still need to finish Origin before Odyssey come out.

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  • My interest in Odyssey is piqued mostly by the fact that this game takes place in a time period that precedes Origin! All signs are pointing to your character NOT being an Assassin in this game even though it still follows Layla during its present day sequences. Should be REALLY good and I love that it’s coming this year!

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  • I’ve dabbled with the Assassin’s Creed games in the past and haven’t really been all that into them. However, it looks like Odyssey may be more of an action RPG then a traditional Assassin’s Creed game and that has my attention. Adding those RPG elements, gender choices and optional romances all make it seem something more like a Bioware game than an Ubisoft one. It may be to early to judge but here’s hoping they can continue to shake up the formula and deliver something unique.

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    • That’s exactly why I am so excited for this one, bringing in more RPG elements is a great way to freshen things up. With RPGs being my favourite genre I am ecstatic with the direction Ubisoft is taking the series in, as you say it is sounding more like a bioware game than Ubisoft.

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  • Although I have Syndicate and wanted to visit Egypt, the gameplay didn’t suit my messed-up reactions so I had to pass. However, I’ve discovered through other games that I can cope. so I’m very tempted by Odyssey – I’ve always loved that era.


  • The first Assassins Creed game I played was Black Flag, because I loved the Pirate theme. Now I’m definitely going to be playing Odyssey because I’m a huge fan of the Roman/ Greece setting. I’m a sucker for Roman history.

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    • Black flag is the one assassins creed game I haven’t played! But I do plan to at some point, I am a sucker pirates. One of my favourite parts of history is Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, can’t wait to explore my surroundings.

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  • This is the first “Assassin’s” Creed game I’ve been excited about since AC 3. And I’m glad they’re becoming less “assassin” and taking more from the Witcher 3s book. Is it a day one buy? I’m not sure yet! 🙂

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  • I cannot wait for this! – Odyssey is definitely my most anticipated game of the year 😀

    I’m currently replaying Origins and it blows me away every time. It’s a stunning game with a gripping storyline… I can only imagine Odyssey will follow in the same vein.

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    • It does look amazing! 😊

      I’ve played through Origins a few times and like you I am constantly blown away by it! It’s exciting to think that Ubisoft will have built upon the success of Origins with Odyssey 😄

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  • Ancient Greece? Check. Badass warriors? Check. Intuitive RPG elements with choices? Check. I can’t wait for this game to be released! The last Assassins Creed game I played was Black Flag and I was totally blown away by the freedom and mechanics the game offered. I also have a blog ( where I review and give my own thoughts on post-apocalyptic and dystopian games, which is my favorite genre! Great article, I really liked your style and tone of voice, really fresh!

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