My journey through Lordran (DSR) part 4

Part 4 of my journey through Lordran involved me venturing into a place so hellish, so unforgiving that From Software even prevented certain enemies from respawning (that’s when you know an area is truly horrendous). I am of course talking about the beautiful wonder that is Blighttown, and by beautiful wonder I mean poisonous disgusting hell hole that no one wants tread across. Of course there are two options for Blighttown and since I have taken a risk and gone for a dexterity build with no shield I have decided to make use of that wonderful master key, meaning I have taken the back entrance into Blighttown. It is a quick and mostly easy process, well until you come across those three undead fatties guarding the damn entrance.

There are some useful items in Blighttown such as the Crimson armour set and a fire keepers soul, so searching the area is something I would recommend doing. As awful as this poisonous gloomy place is you will find various soul packets and various other items to help you on your journey, the slugs found in the swamp also happen to be capable of dropping large titanite shards or if you are lucky 5 green titanite shards at once! Oh and if you happen to be a pyromancer you will definitely will want to find Quelana of Izalith. She is the sister of area boss Quelaag and one of the daughters of the witch of Izalith, for her to appear you must have a pyromancy flame of +10, she is regarded as the mother of pyromancies making her a valuable teacher to all you pyromancers out there.

There is also another valuable NPC in Blighttown who will only appear there after you join the Forest Hunter covenant. I did this early game by going into the Darkroot Basin and climbing the ladder into Darkroot Gardens back entrance, this gives you access to the covenant and its merchant Shiva considerably earlier than normal, speak to him in the forest and then both himself and his bodyguard will move on to Blighttown. Let me explain why he is valuable, he sells some good wares but that isn’t the reason I wanted him to appear in the early game, no, I wanted his body guards ring! The Darkroot grain ring is fantastic for dex no shield builds as it changes your rolling action making it much quicker with you landing on your feet ready for your next move. To get the ring you must kill the body guard, Shiva also has a decent weapon that he will drop upon death known as the Marakumo, a curved great sword.

Moving on to my purpose here, I need to ring that second bell of awakening and a decent boss happens to be blocking my path. The chaos witch Quelaag, a fantastic boss on all accounts, she boasts some good lore, great fight mechanics and I like the arena too. Her physical being is one heck of a talking point within the Dark Souls community, one of the worst sights on the bottom half, a much more pleasant sight topside….anyway moving onto the fight itself, I died, I died within 10 seconds of the damn thing starting! She has a powerful AOE attack, but since I was trying hit her booty for the win I couldn’t see the sign for her getting ready to hit that move and thus I died. My second attempt went much better with only 2 estus being consumed and me being the victor! The ring I previously acquired came in very handy, was quite literally a life saver at times, her sword swings are easy to dodge, just remember that 9/10 she will follow up with another swipe. Her fire attacks can cause a lot of damage, certain attacks will leave lava on the floor, avoid that at all costs!

Once you have downed the witch you may ring that second bell! What a joyous feeling that was! Below Quelaags domain behind an illusionary wall is her sister, the fair lady. She is very frail and clearly very ill and you have just killed her care giver, hang your head in shame! The Fair Lady is in charge of the chaos servant covenant, a useful covenant for not just pyromancers but for all chosen undead, I will explain why that is in my covenant post.

I was ready to call it quits after the horror that is Blighttown but I thought hang on, I am on a roll, I’ve killed one of the witches children I may as well go and kill her only son, the ceaseless discharge (unending relief of load….). he is actually kind of sweet in a weird way, in order to aggro him you must rob from his deceased sisters grave that he guards over. That’s right in order to aggro this disgusting oozy demon you have steal from his dead sister! So we have just killed one sister and robbed the grave of another….its no wonder he is so pissed at the end of it. since I chose to face him in the early game I chose to take the quick kill option, if you are curious as to how I did this then I will leave a link for that fight alone here.

I’ll leave the video for the entire episode below, oh and if you are further into the game and perhaps need some help with finding the Darkmoon séance ring click here or maybe you want some help with the four Kings? I have a video here for that too! In case you have missed the previos episodes, they can be found here part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Thank you for continuing to join me on my journey through Lordran.

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  • I love Blighttown. Like really love Blighttown. It’s really well designed and a great challenge to get to the bottom of it. Plus never has a place in a visual sense matched up with its name this well.

    On the other hand, the boss (well, the bosses through the whole game for the most part), well, I don’t now if it’s becuase I played Bloodborne, then DS3 but the bosses throughout this game, for the most part…I don’t want to say bad but I don’t think they’ve aged well. They feel kind of simple for the most part. Honestly Quelaag feels like Laurence but with the difficulty stripped out. Circle around, watch out the AOE, then keep circling. Lore wise, great. Mechanic wise, ehhh.

    On the whole the games great but I do think BB and DS3 just body the game in the boss department.

    Hope you keep doing this journey. Looks like a fun one.

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