My journey through Lordran part 3 (DSR) and a little helping hand

So as I carried on with my journey in Lordran I took out my first Titanite demon AKA Prowling demon, I only died once to this formidable foe, a victory in my eyes considering how much is usually struggle against these guys. he was blocking my path to the DarkRoot Garden and rather than making a mad run for it I decided it was time to be brave! well that and who wants to deal with the effort of constantly running past it every time you fancy a stroll in the forest hmmm….or at least until you have bested Ornstein and Smough for the lord vessel.

anyway I made my way through the garden taking down those annoying trees that like to charge you, they do however have a good chance of dropping some form of moss so at least they are good for something. I made my way to what is one of the most beautiful bosses I have ever seen!! also the most annoying, yawn inducing encounter of the entire game, The Moonlight Butterfly, being Seaths rejected beauty experiment will only get you so far. Due to being a melee build I decided on taking the witch in with me to save a lot of time and annoyance on my part, also she may come in handy when taking down a particularly nasty for later in the game.

I do have to say that the Garden looks as beautiful as ever in the remaster but that is where the praise ends, much like the boss within it, I find there to be very little appeal besides its beauty.

moving on, I had a very feeble attempt at getting rid of that armoured boar in the Undead Parish….very feeble attempt, he put his tusk in an area it was never meant to go!!!

The lower Undead Burg is where I truly felt the wrath of Dark Souls, a small narrow area filled with assassins, which are not too much of an issue, it’s the other enemy which you encounter there that really grinds my gears. Dogs. I hate those damn dogs! they are one of the few banes of my Dark Souls existence and you will see why in the video, the fact that there are two of them in a miniscule boss arena with a boss that doesn’t really need the help with its two big swords just goes beyond annoying. speaking of the boss, the damn Capra Demon gained some retribution for its fellow demons, I hate this guy, hate his arena and hate his area in general.

so if you would like to see me get my ass kicked a little…okay a lot in this instance then click on the video below. Or perhaps if you are considerably further in the game and would like to know the quick path to getting the very large ember to max out your standard weapons then I have a quick 2 minute video to show you the exact path and location in the New Londo Ruins.

Thank you for reading and following me on my Unkindled journey.


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