My Journey through Lordran part 2 (DSR)

In this episode I journeyed through the Undead Perish in my quest to ring the first bell of awakening, the easier bell to ring no question but I am a firm believer in the Bell Gargoyles being the true beginning to Dark Souls. until now all I had to contend with boss wise was two demons who didn’t pose much of a threat.

I have to say so far it has been a real treat to jump back into the world of Dark Souls one, From Software have done a nice job with their remaster. To look at the game truly is stunning, with the new flicker of the flames and sway of the grass being two examples of some nice touches.

A huge thank you to those who watched part 1 and gave me a subscribe on YouTube, it really means a lot so thank you. Click the link below if you would like to see part 2 of my Journey through Lordran.

One comment

  • Really they did a good job in dark souls remastered. Really fun and gave me what I expected of thee remastered. But It just feels like it lacks something. Maybe the feeling of the difficulty of the first game is gone? Seems so but it just feels different.


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