Are you ready for hell? Agony’s latest trailer is horrifying!

After having just watched the new story trailer for the up and coming horror game AGONY (it has taken me way too long to watch it!) I can quite safely say it looks to be a terrifying gore fest! Honestly the story has never been an appeal to me since this game was first teased, it has always been about the environment, the torture, the impending sense of doom, I just want to explore hell. From the trailer it’s clear we need to work with the high goddess to escape our grisly fate in the pits of hell….this comes at a heavy price mind you and I am willing to bet that not all is as it seems, nothing is ever as simple as do this for me and I’ll do that for you. No, it is always do this for me…and then I’m going to kill you.

This game is set to be so graphic, violent with heavy nudity that it almost found itself on the chopping block for banned games, it would have joined the likes of Man Hunt in the hall of banned video game infamy. In order to secure a console release as well as a PC one Madmind Studio had to actually cut content from the game in order to meet the criteria to actually achieve this! Is making it an 18 not enough? In a way I am a bit disappointed by this since it means we don’t get to experience everything AGONY wanted to throw our way, however if you are a PC player you’re in luck as there will be an optional patch which will reportedly give you all of the cut content, oh how I wish I was getting this on the PC so I could play it how the devs truly intended it to be played.

As a serious horror fanatic this game has me both excited and terrified, if you haven’t yet witnessed this horrifying new trailer then I highly recommend you do, unless you hate horror or don’t like to be scared….you will be hiding behind your pillow begging it to stop. If gore, violence, nudity and some terrifying ordeals are for you then you can get your hands on what could become one of the scariest games of all time on the 29th may, just two days away. I have always been a huge horror fanatic and finally at long last it looks like there is going to be a new spook fest for me to discuss with all of you, I know I am still going to be knee deep in demons and the undead in Lordran but I will find time to pull away from the wanna be hell known as Izalith (though it feels like it when running to that damn boss) and jump into the real hell, the everything wants to either eat me or brutally kill me hell.

Have you seen the latest Agony trailer? Are you looking forward to be thrusted into the bowels of hell or a Horror games not your thing? Let me know in the comments.


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