My journey through Lordran (DSR)

So I have finally taken the plunge…EEEEK! I have finally started my first ever lets play on YouTube, there was never gonna be a better time to start than right now with the Dark Souls remaster! I have got plenty of posts planned for not just Dark Souls Remastered but the Souls series as a whole. If you would like to follow me on journey throughout Lordran then please do! I have already had quite an embarrassing blunder…(coughs) anyway I have kicked the ass of the Asylum demon and worked my through the Unded Burg.

If you do give my video a watch any feedback would be most appreciated, good or bad, don’t be shy about it honestly. I just felt like trying something new so alongside writing on here for my blog I thought “hey why not have a crack at the whole making lets plays and of video based on gaming topics thing!”

I will have a new post up shortly so keep your eyes peeled for that and in the meantime I hope you enjoy my somewhat interesting attempt at kicking some ass in Lordran.


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