Why we won’t see a Demon’s Souls remaster

With the Dark Souls remaster being released next Friday I want to address a question I have heard a few people ask recently, will we see a Demon’s Souls Remaster? I have a short and simple answer to that question, no. but I have thought this over, mainly why I can’t see Boletaria getting the beauty treatment that Lordran is getting. So I guess the question I will mostly be answering is, why don’t I see a Demon’s Souls Remaster happening?

Let me start off with how embarrassing that whole thing was for Sony, everyone knows that Demon’s Souls was a PS3 exclusive, but did you all know that Sony refused to publish it anywhere else in the world except Japan? That’s right Sony thought the game was too challenging and punishing that it was not going to perform as well as they’d like. From Software created this amazing game that was supposed to be published world wide by Sony but when Sony refused to entertain that idea after its Japanese release From Soft found two other Publishers who were more than happy to release this brutally challenging game. Bandai Namco released it in Europe and Atlus published in the US. No doubt this has to be something that Sony regrets, how much money has Bandai Namco made out of the Souls series since then? Quite an embarrassing mistake for Sony I believe.

Secondly while Sony may not have published the game worldwide they do still own the IP meaning nobody but Sony can sanction the remaster and Sony aren’t exactly big on selling their IPs they tend to either grow them or let them die, unfortunately the latter seems to be the direction that Sony is taking it in. Not to mention if for some reason they do see the value of giving the fans what they want they don’t need From Software to do it, they could give the remastered version to a different developer. A true shame for those of us that would love to see Demons souls in all its glory in 4K, I’m sure there will be many gamers out there wanting to jump back into this world following the Dark Souls remaster next week.

I know that when the servers finally went down after nine years people immediately thought a remaster could be on the way but for those who knew Sonys mistake like I did you more than likely guessed that a remaster wouldn’t be the case. Part of the problem here is all the other projects Sony are working on, there are some real money makers for Sony right now so taking the time away from those in favour of a remaster that more than likely won’t produce as much money for them isn’t going to happen. It is a business decision at the end of the day, a real shame for the godfather of the Souls series.

If you were hoping for a remaster because you never played the original I will tell you now that should you own a PS3 get yourself a copy or purchase it on the console, it may be nine years old this year but it is still one of the best games the PS3 ever had to offer. You may have to get used to the slower gameplay when compared to todays standards, for any true Souls fan though you really should go an experience was Boletaria has to offer. The environments are a joy to explore with some pretty great bosses awaiting you in these lands, I won’t lie to you however, there are some true duds in the boss department here, oh and if you thought Blight Town or the Gutter was bad just wait until you visit the valley of defilement….

I do have to stop and ask myself though, why not just take the money off of all those who long for this remaster? Sure it might not garner as much as current projects but money would still be made, that is a guarantee. For all of my doubts I would still love to see a Demons Souls remaster, I would love to be proven wrong on this occasion, never would I been so happy in all my time in gaming to be wrong. Who knows, perhaps with the Dark Souls remaster launching very soon Sony will see just how much love there still is for the Souls games and that does include the granddaddy of them all, I still see plenty of streamers jumping back into the world of Boletaria. Despite the chances of seeing a remaster being very slim the love Demons Souls is still very real, as I stated above I would love to be wrong, who knows perhaps one day we will all visit those archstones again, for the time being however the PS3 is the only place you will be finding this amazing game.

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