Dark Souls Remastered: Blight Town has been fixed!

Praise the Sun!! my fellow unkindled for at long last we no longer need to do battle with the frame rate of Blight Town! (commence dancing around the room) Any Souls veteran will be more than aware of just how big a deal this is, if you ever journeyed through the lands of Lordran then you will be all too familiar with the pleasant location known as Blight Town. Of course, by pleasant I mean the rage inducing, dark nightmare where one of the bells are located, the frame rate in this hell hole was always the biggest enemy for any unkindled brave enough to take the plunge into this unforgiving place.

If you joined the Souls series at a later date then allow me to introduce you to the influence to the gutter from Dark Souls 2 (if you survived that horrific ordeal then Blight Town won’t be too terrible) especially now the frame rate has been fixed, make no mistake however the chances of becoming toxic and knocked of ledges are very likely.

When there are toxic enemies, or heavy hitting enemies and fast foes all around you that is all you want to focus on, particularly if you choose to traverse the depths before entering Blight Town, you don’t want to be in a constant battle with the frame rate, no matter what console you may have been on we all had to deal with the same awful problem, one minute the game would be flowing smoothly in this hellish place then the next you are in the fight of your life! But not with the enemies I just mentioned, no, you are in the fight of you life with the frame rate, soon as that drops you are in for a world of hurt in beautiful Blight Town….

It was always an issue that needed resolving, and finally after seven years and a remaster later it has been. From Soft have finally dealt with what was easily the biggest complaints their fan base has ever had about the first Dark Souls game, or at least that was my only real complaint about it. soon as the remaster was announced I am sure that it couldn’t have been just me that though “YES! For the love of god fix that damn frame rate”. Thankfully my dreams have come true, upon seeing the comparison video for the original footage and the remastered footage I think it is fair to say that the entire world looks stunning beyond belief! The little details that have been added to the textures and environments will be a pleasure to see but most of all I won’t completely dread entering one of the most hated areas known to the entire Souls universe!

Just knowing that I will be able to focus on the true dangers in front of me as opposed to the frame rates is a relief but that does mean that if I die I have got to take full responsibility rather than blame the poor frame rate…. swings and roundabouts I guess. Ah well, I still plan on grabbing that master key, no chance am I entering Blight Town form the depths if I can avoid it, I’ll take being clobbered round the head by a couple of fatties as opposed to becoming toxic any day.

Words do not describe my excitement at the release of Dark Souls remastered next Friday! I know this was a small post, but I had to share the joy of the fixed frame rates! I have got a lot of ideas for Dark Souls content on my blog, from the lore of the world and its bosses to ranking said bosses. If there is any topic you would to see me tackle in the Souls universe please feel free to contact me.

May the flames guide you.


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