More Crash games are coming!

Great news for all you Crash Bandicoot fans out there! Not only has the success of the N Sane Trilogy warranted a Spyro remastered trilogy it has also guaranteed us more Crash games! I knew the remastered trilogy was going to be successful, how could it not be? I loved jumping back into my childhood with the remastered trilogy last year (so much harder than I remember it being!). Till this day that loveable Bandicoot is still a huge gaming icon and was the first gaming experience for many players out there. With many great games to his name, one of my favourite racing games of all time is Crash Team Racing which could well be the next remastered title Activision brings us in the Bandicoot series.

Activision has stated that they have a “5 year plan” for our furry friend, if rumours are to be believed 2019 will give us our next Bandicoot adventure, I for one am eager to see what it is. While I can’t deny I would love a brand new adventure with my furry friend I don’t see that happening soon, perhaps at the end of the 5 year plan we will see a whole new entry. For now though if I had to guess I would say “START YOUR ENGINES!”. There are 3 Crash Bandicoot racing games, all of which were well received and loved, I could easily see Activision releasing the 3 racing games in a bundle just like they did with the trilogy.

I for one would love that! While racing games may not be my favourite I thoroughly enjoy CTR, Nitro Kart and Tag Team Racing and I would be more than happy to pick up a remastered version of all 3 games. Could you imagine how incredible those race tracks are going to look with todays graphics? Amazing is the short and sweet answer. However there are many games that Activision may decide to remaster, they aren’t short on choices

Let’s have a quick look at the home console instalments Activision could bring to the PS4, Xbox One and Switch next year.

1.      Crash Team Racing

2.      Crash Bash

3.      Wrath of Cortex

4.      Nitro Kart

5.      Twinsanity (My personal favourite.)

6.      Tag Team Racing

7.      Crash of the Titans

8.      Mind over Mutant

Any of these could be a great choice for the next remaster, with the racing games I do think it would make sense to bundle them together, another trilogy that I am sure would sell well. As I stated above Twinsanity is my all time favourite Crash game, words would not describe my immense happiness at watching Crash and Cortex be forced to work together again. I loved the entire experience of Twinsanity, I felt it to be a breath of fresh air after the previous games all followed a similar format.

I will acknowledge that there a few Crash games that were released on portable or mobile devices but I can’t see them being high on the remaster list for the 5 year plan Activision has set in motion.

Which Crash game would you like to see remastered next? Or would you rather see a whole new adventure?


  • I’d love CTR to make a comeback! One of my favourites, actually a 3-pack racing game would be excellent or CTR, Crash Bash and Nitro or Tag Team would be good for another trilogy pack game. I just want CTR. Didn’t get a chance to play Wrath and beyond but would happily purchase those games to see what they’re like

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  • CTR for sure! It’s one of my favourite games of all time and I can’t wait to play it on my PS4!

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  • Shaun Eddleston

    Crash Team Racing and Wrath of Cortex would be awesome.

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  • Oof. I’ve never played Crash. Should I try it out with these remasters?


  • As much as I love the Bandicoot franchise, we can’t just constantly pump out remasters and sequels. The remaster we got it awesome, but should be left as a one time thing , at least until a future generation. They should instead focus on something new. With a ‘5 year plan’ planned, I wonder at what point we’ll start to feel sick of it. Still, I’d prefer a real sequel over a remaster. 😛 (reading back over my comment, it sounds like I’m hating over the game, which I’m trying not to xD)


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