Guest Post: COD WW2 Zombies review!

Welcome back to my blog, I have something different for you all today, instead of my own review I actually have one from a guest. below is an awesome post by Justgreen, this is a great blog that I recommend having a look at, it has some great content such as what you are about to read. the following post is a COD WW2 Zombies review, ZOMBIES!! enough said…



So I haven’t been spending a lot of time playing Xbox lately but today I bought the COD Resistance DLC Pack 1 for £11.59 including VAT. just to play the newest Nazi zombie map ‘The Darkest Shore’.

2018-04-01 (5)

OK So my take on the new map is ‘ehh’. Compared to ‘The Final Reich’ I think that the layout of the map isn’t as good, I don’t know if it is because I played that map probably over 100 times but my first thought of the map wasn’t a good impression, Not a lot to explore, Very narrow hallways/paths and unlocking the map areas can get confusing if not studied.

First starting the game on the beach you are greeted with a ‘wave’ of the undead crawling from the blood stained ocean without warning but there is a nicely placed mounted machine gun to help you pick off them off. When you have ‘survived the beach’ Wave 1 then starts! More of an interesting start than ‘TFR’ if you ask me

The new added zombie ‘s’ can be annoying, if you thought pests were bad these are worse, especially when they start climbing up the walls… Quite hard to kill too and they are fast-moving.

I unlocked an achievement that only 1.25% of gamer have..

2018-04-01 (3)

Yes, I only completed The Final Reich a month ago..

Haven’t yet completed the casual easter egg for the darkest shore but when I do I’ll let you guys know what I think about the gameplay and story.

So far though, Playing solo and online It is hard to find the next mission or objective to do as you don’t get a ‘help guide’ as you do in the final Reich so maybe if you’re looking to complete the EE but don’t know how I suggest you watch detailed walk-through on YouTube as they are great help and break down everything you need to know.

If you have played ‘The Final Reich’ or ‘The Darkest Shore’ Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the game!


If you haven’t played the game AT ALL! BUY NOW with my affiliate link! Kill all the Nazi Zombies you possibly can! Have fun completing the easter eggs SOLO mode Or With Friends! I know I do!

Clip of The Darkest Shore first 10 minutes of gameplay!

This video doesn’t exist

Available on Xbox One

Available on Play Station 4


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Over all ‘TFR’ is the better Map in COD WWII.. In my opinion anyway 🙂

Again a massive thank you to Justgreen for this great post! make sure you go and check out their blog so you don’t miss out on any of their great content!


  • I’m on the fence about getting the new zombies. I really miss the simplicity of WaW but then again I love the new horror feel of WW2. I guess I’ll just flip a coin

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    • I’m always happy to give any zombie content a go, I used to love the simplicity of it too, defeating waves of zombies made for a lot of fun times. I am a bit of a horror fanatic so anything that resembles horror or zombies in the slightest will always get my attention.


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