Far Cry 5: Multiplayer

After having thoroughly enjoyed the campaign I decided it was time to truly jump into the multiplayer of Far Cry 5, I wanted the platinum trophy (which I achieved a few days ago) and as with any game that has multiplayer these days I needed to complete some trophies that were related to the arcade in both its PVE and PVP modes respectively, so how did I find my Far Cry 5 PVP experience to be? A mixture of bloody awful and surprisingly great, let me explain.

One of the trophies required me to get 10 victories on the featured maps in multiplayer, you would think this would be easy right? Or at least not too much of a daunting task especially since you can filter the maps to show you only the featured ones when it comes to selecting a potential map for the match to take place. Three players get to select a potential map and then all players get to vote for one of those or the randomly selected one, easy right? WRONG! Oh man I have no idea how long it took me just to get a featured map, I was looking at them, voting for them when they came up but the majority were voting for these normal, god awful maps! They weren’t even enjoyable half the time, trust me there are a lot of bad maps out there people. With my fellow players often choosing not to play any featured maps you can imagine how frustrating getting this trophy was, especially since I had to actually win the match too!

This leads me nicely to my biggest problem with Far Cry 5s multiplayer, the maps. The featured ones created by Ubisoft themselves are great, truly they make for a fun experience, there are some good maps that have been created by fellow residents of Hope County too. However the few good maps I have experienced have been far outweighed by the down right unplayable and simply awful maps! Seriously you wouldn’t believe some of what I have had to play through! I had one map that was so big there was a single kill for each team in 10 whole minutes, most boring gun fight I have ever experienced.

I have enjoyed playing the various battle royal maps that I have come across, there are some terrible maps out that though that does a poor job of replicating what inspired them. I knew that they were going to be a prominent force when the players could create the map and match type, still haven’t played Fortnite or PUBG mind you, the first time I played a deathmatch in the PVP I was online with my other half. I went to go and find him on the map, go to the window to the room he was in not realising it was a free for all at the time and he not realising it was me turned around panicked and shot me in the face….a great experience. Another time I found myself in a small map where all 12 of us weren’t allowed any weapons, we had to run around snapping each others necks, a lot of fun, getting the chain takedowns was great I felt like Liam Neeson! Having to rely on the premade loadouts has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, there are some maps where my weapon selection doesn’t work for me, other times it is perfect and I am a force to be reckoned, particularly if I am given a shotgun and sniper rifle in the same loadout.

As with any PVP game mode the outcome of a match can rely heavily upon your teammates, something that has proved to be a hinderance in Far Cry 5 and I am just as guilty of it too, shooting my fellow team members. In certain maps that can prove to be a serious issue should friendly fire be active but I haven’t had that (yet…..), the reason this happens is that the name tags for people keep disappearing leaving you no indication as to whether you are looking at a friend or foe, a problem Ubisoft should hopefully address sooner rather than later. I have witnessed several team mates meet an unfortunate end through shooting me and ignoring the enemy sneaking up on them, big I told you so moment…if only they could hear me.

If you are struggling for money or perk points then I do recommend giving the arcade a go, even if multiplayer isn’t for you give the solo mode a try, some of the solo maps make for a challenging and enjoyable experience whilst getting you some added bonuses for your campaign. If PVP is for you however you could level yourself up in the arcade a lot quicker, the higher your rank the higher the cash prize when you level up, a victory in PVP grants a 20% bonus to your XP gain and 10% for a tie, I’ve had my fair share of those. The tables can turn in the blink of an eye in this game, never think you have the match in the bag because there is always a chance the losing team will pull a complete 180.

Overall I do think the multiplayer is pretty good, but if you are trophy hunting like I was the featured maps victories could prove to be your worst nightmare. I know that once people have had more practice with the map creator we will see some brilliant battlegrounds for us to meet on but at the moment most maps that haven’t been made by Ubisoft are lacking to say the least. How has your experience with Far Cry 5s multiplayer been so far, have you lucked out with the maps or had to deal with bottom of the pile like I did? 

if you would like to read my review on the game as whole you can find that here or if you would like to learn a bit more about the main antagonist of Far Cry 5 click here.


  • Yeah, the arcade has been quite underwhelming. Most of the maps on there are pretty weak and just smashed together seemingly at random. I’ve played plenty in which I just clip through items placed on the ground, with buildings in odd places. I’m sticking to the single player and I MIGHT try out the DLC if it looks good.


  • Do you know about how long it took you to get all the Arcade mode trophies? I think I may go for the platinum, but I am kind of wondering how much of a grind this aspect may be. Sounds like you need a bit of luck to get to even play on the featured maps.

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    • To get them all took me roughly 8 hours but it was about 6 to complete the featured maps trophy. It definitely comes down to luck, if you get a good group of players then you could get the trophies quite quickly.


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