PS5 rumour, could it be released this year?

I do love the internet, some of the rumours that I come across make for an interesting read and an even more interesting idea, such as the new rumour that has surfaced suggesting a 2018 release for the PS5! Now usually when I hear a rumour I may consider the possibility of it coming true to be rather high quite a lot of the time, the recent announcement of Spyro making a dramatic comeback confirms that. But the idea of Sony actually releasing the PS5 this year to me sounds ludicrous.

Let’s think about this logically, the PS4 is continuing to sell, it is making Sony an absolute fortune. I know that there was a drop in sales over the holiday period of last year in comparison to 2016 but there was still 9 million units sold, more than enough to ensure a healthy amount of money in Sony’s pocket. According to the rumour the PS5 dev kits could already be in the hands of developers, this part I do believe could have some truth to it, it makes a lot of sense for work on the next PlayStation to be in the works for the sanely predicted release time of 2019-2020, the latter of which is the year I expect us to see Sonys new baby.

Rumours surrounding the console itself are interesting to say the least, from the processor to the improved VR technology the PS4s successor could have, I have no doubt in my mind the PS5 will prove to be a very powerful console, only fuelling my belief that the rumoured release date for later this year will be proved to be just that, a rumour. So long as the PS4 continues to make money there is no need to think about releasing a new console, the best way to capitalise the income Sony receive from their consoles is to milk their great selling console for all its worth before throwing its replacement on the shelves, knowing Sony there could well be a new PS4 on the works before the PS5. Of course I could be wrong, maybe we will see the PS5 later this year, I tend to keep an open mind when it comes to this sort of thing but on this subject I am very much closed.

Perhaps come E3 this year I could be made to eat my words, perhaps Sony will do what I consider to be an absurd idea, maybe they have already pulled the trigger on a new console. What do you think about this rumour? Are we likely to see the PS5 by the end of 2018 or is that simply unrealistic?  


  • To my mind, there’s no chance in hell. They’ve only just released the PS4 Pro, current gen games are still proving to be very impressive in terms of visuals and performance, and systems are still selling at a decent rate. I give it another 2-3 years at least.

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    • that was my thinking on it, as long as it continues to sell as well as it is with the standard of the games developed for it there is no need for a new console. definitely, 2020 would be the earliest and that’s pushing it.

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  • There’s no chance in hell. It’s way too soon for that, I’ll give it to 2020 or 2021. I’ve also heard that the PS5 dev kits are in First Party hands so I believe that but I don’t believe it’s coming this soon, let’s say PS5 is indeed this year then what will Microsoft bring?

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  • I highly doubt we will even hear about an announcement of a PS5 until maybe next year at the earliest. It just wouldn’t make any sense and they are winning the console wars right now. Microsoft on the other hand I feel would announce something first.

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    • I agree, the idea of seeing a PS5 announcement seems ridiculous right now, when the PS4 is still the top selling console. I am expecting Microsoft to reveal details for their next venture long before Sony do.


  • Valentino Senpai

    Haven’t these rumors of the PS5 been floating around since the console first dropped? It’d be ridiculous for them to release anytime before 2020 since the PS4 pro dropped like last year not even a full year ago. Hell the last console generation lasted around 8 and we’re about 5 years into this one so chances are they’ll wait 3 or more years to release it.

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  • If Sony was to go ahead and release PS5 this year that’s surely sort of an insult to the consumer because PS4 Pro was released not all that long ago. And as you stated the current consoles are selling extremely well as it is with awesome content continuing to churn out there’s no need for a PS5 at this stage.
    We could however go for that upgraded Psvr that is supposedly in the works…

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    • Absolutely! Can’t say I’d be too thrilled about needing to upgrade again after only a year.
      As long as money is still being made and the consumer is still happy with what is being released there is no need for the PS5. An upgraded PSVR makes a lot more sense in my mind.


  • Not a chance at all. Why would they suddenly drop one of their most successful consoles to date. With games still being developed for it.

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