We all knew it was only a matter of time before our favourite dragon made the leap to next generation consoles! Ever since the release of the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy last year I knew that if it were to see success Spyro was naturally going to follow and now it has been confirmed that I along with many other people have been proven to be correct. I will however point out that it is thanks to Amazon that we know for sure Spyro is returning to our screens but you can be sure that publisher Activision will be giving an official announcement very soon.

It has been leaked that Spyro will be flying onto Xbox One and PS4 on the 21st of September this year! I for one could not be more excited for this, the nostalgia I felt when revisiting my childhood with Crash last year was immense, a feeling I am more than happy to experience all over again with another major gaming influence from my childhood. The official name for game is said to be Spyro: Reignited trilogy, with how amazing the world of Crash looked you just know that the various environments and locations we will be revisiting with the young purple are bound to look stunning, no doubt Spyro and his friends will also look amazing with a next generation make over.

The critical and commercial success that Crash saw was always a sure thing for me, ever since that bandicoot with a love for wumpa fruit was announced for a makeover I knew it would be well received, how could a fan favourite who has been loved since the 90s not be met with such success? If Crash was still well loved then you know full well that Spyro will be, back when these two were being released in new adventures each year a popular question was who do you prefer, Spyro or Crash? Now it doesn’t matter who your favourite was thanks to Activision bringing the dragon back to life just a year after his rival.


I have to wonder if returning to this platform series will pose a harder challenge for me, I found Crash to be more difficult last year than I did when I was a kid! I do remember finding Spyro to be the easier of the two but that doesn’t mean I won’t find freeing my fellow dragons to be a difficult task this time around. My personal favourite Spyro game was the third instalment, Year of the dragon. It was seeing a dragon on a skateboard that won me over! One thing I do know for a fact is that this remake seems to have captured the art style of Spyro beautifully, remakes have been notorious in the past for not quite translating the art style well, a bullet that Spyro has seemingly dodged.

Are you as excited as I am to see another gaming icon make a grand return?


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