Worst Boss in SoulsBorne series…

When it comes to talking about the bosses of SoulsBorne there tends to be varying opinions, I think most of us can agree on who is near the bottom of the pile and who is near the top of the food chain but there are always little pieces we either love or hate about the fight that may cause it to top your list excellence, or top your list of just plain awful. Today I am going to talk about a boss that very much tops my list of absolute garbage (not a huge list), I have a feeling many may agree with me in calling this the worst boss the soulsBorne series has to offer as it is poor in every sense of the word.
Usually when I do a post about a boss I tend to discuss the background and lore of the boss first followed by the fight itself with my thoughts on it, today however I will be talking about the boss fight alone. My reason for this is that the character behind the boss does have some brilliant lore and doesn’t deserve to be in a post where I’m going tear the boss fight apart. If that hasn’t given away the boss I am going to discuss (destroy…) then wonder no longer, my personal pick for the worst boss in SoulsBorne is….. The Bed of Chaos.

I’m sure that even if you have a different choice for the worst boss (true king Allant, Belfry Gargoyles perhaps) you can understand why I have placed The Bed of Chaos at the bottom. Let me lay out my reasons for this choice,
1. It is a poor representation of the Witch of Izalith
2. Dark Souls became Platform Souls
3. It is a pain in the ass to get to
4. When you actually reach the “boss” it is a bug that is killed in a single hit

Are those reason enough do you think? The Witch will get a post all to herself as she has some incredible lore and is a crucial character to the story, perhaps that is my biggest grind with The Bed of Chaos, it is the Witch of Izalith boss fight, she was one of the lords meaning she really should have had an incredible fight, a memorable one. Well perhaps The_Witch_of_Izaliththat’s not fair, it is memorable, just for all the wrong reasons. What happened to her, her daughter and the citizens of Izalith was tragic, in fact thanks to what happened (I will explain in her lore post) we have the demons found in Lordran, it certainly deserved a more fitting representation than The Bed of Chaos. It boggles the mind that such an important character had her battle reduced to such nonsense.
I am wracking my brain trying to come up with anything that is remotely positive about this overgrown pack of roots, nope nothing is coming to me, that is when you not that we are talking about an awful boss.

The fight itself is a simple affair, we must break the roots at either side of the bed in order to reach the centre where a squishy thing is waiting to be stamped on, sounds simple right? That’s because it is….. until the floor crumbles beneath your feet, this turns a dark souls boss fight into more of a platform puzzle with branches trying to push you into the bloody holes that are now forming throughout the damn room, I though I was playing a melee combat game not a platformer. Ooooh I just thought of the one tiny positive this fight has, your progression in the fight stays even if you die, saves you the hassle of needing to keep redoing a platform puzzle every single time. But the amount of time it can take to get back there can be rather irritating when you know there are a bunch of over grown weeds just waiting to knock you down that hole all over again…. Sure once you have done this fight once you will know where the floor is going to fall but that doesn’t make the fight any better or enjoyable. Another key reason for hating this fight, it is not enjoyable at all. Oh and lets not forget those damn firestorms that we get attacked with upon destroying the second bunch of roots, utter garbage.

If there is one fight I am dreading come May 25th when the remastered version comes out it’s this one, I actually kind of like Izalith so for me it’s a real shame knowing that this…root…weed….. annoying stick thing? Is waiting for me. Sorry if this post felt a little ranty but this is one battle I just can’t get on with, I will release a much more positive post soon in the form of the lore and backstory to the Witch of Izalith.


  • Pardon my French but fuck this boss. The mechanics of beating it are horribly at odds with the way the control scheme is designed. It’s a pity as most of the other bosses were great.

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  • The remaster will be my plunge into the original Dark Souls – thrilled to learn first-hand why this boss is so despised!

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  • I’m looking forward to the remaster, never really had that much of a problem with the boss itself, it was more the platforming given how you were fighting the controls as well as the environment. Could really test one’s patience.
    However, the one boss I absolutely hate but love at the same time as if not for this boss, I wouldn’t have become better at the game. The boss I’m talking about it oneself, it’s one you’re always competing against, fighting because of how one self always can mentally and spiritually bring you down when things are rough as well as lift you up when things go right.

    Good post to read, looking forward to reading about the lore in the way you see it for the game.
    Stay Cozy and keep on fighting on those abominations 😛

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    • The remaster is one of my biggest games of the year. That is one of my biggest issues with it though I will admit I got knocked down that hole a lot in my first play through 😛

      That is one tough boss indeed, but as you say it does make you better at the game, I just admit that even now I still compete with myself in these games.

      Thank you, the lore is one of my favourite things about the game.
      Those abominations won’t know what hit them 😛

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  • I’m going admit right here I haven’t read the post. And that’s because I’ve yet to play Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2 (on the to do list). But having played Bloodborne and Dark Souls III I would like to volunteer the One Reborn.

    For a late game boss it’s just an absolute disappointment. I died to it the first time due to the bell ladies but even then I had it at 1/4 health just be standing next to it and mashing R1. Never died to it again in 8 or so playthroughs and once I figured the bell ladies could be dealt with it just got even easier.

    Aside from that, the Witch’s have a go but they are early game and the Celestial Emissary is optional. One Reborn is not optional, and not early game. It just shows up really and doesn’t offer much in the way of challenge.

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    • understandable, are you going to play the remastered version? ah yes the one reborn a barely memorable boss, I have to agree with you, it is definitely up there for the worst boss.
      the witches I thought had good potential but it was just so easy, but as you say it was an early game fight. I did find the majority of the bosses from BloodBorne to be a good experience though, some of them posed a great challenge!

      I would also say that the Curse rotted greatwood from DS3 was a boss that was lacking to say the least.

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      • Definitely getting the remaster. Given my time with Bloodborne and Dark Souls III Lordran is practically holy ground for me. Dark Souls II will be played but that’s a mix of trepidation and optimism.

        Yeah, Cursewood is a bit underwhelming but it does give access to all those lovely boss weapons. So it has that going for it.

        Actually thinking about it, once he’s been figured out, Wolnir is pretty disappointing. Decent visual spectacle though.


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