Wonder Woman 2: Kristen Wiig joins cast but Who is Cheetah?

With the recent announcement of Kristen Wiig joining the cast of the Wonder Woman sequel as the main antagonist known as the Cheetah I felt the need to do a little post dedicated tone of Wonder Woman’s greatest foes, so here are some facts surrounding the newly announced antagonist for the sequel.
1. Many people haven’t actually heard of Cheetah and this really surprises me, I am not exaggerating when I say that she is one of the most iconic foes of Wonder Woman, she isn’t some low profile enemy that our favourite amazon meets in passing, she plays a crucial role in the world of Wonder Woman as a formidable opponent that poses a threat to the heroine in quite a significant way.
2. She has been around for years! In fact she was originally created in 1943, that’s only 2 years after the creation of the heroine herself. But the version that I think is going to be portrayed by Kristen Wiig in the movie is based on the Barbara Ann Minevra version which wasn’t created until 1987, not as old as the original Cheetah but she is by no means a newbie to the comic world.
3. Her supernatural abilities come from Urzkartaga (an ancient deity found in Africa), she is a half human half cheetah (werecheetah?) hybrid with increased strength, speed, durability and an increase to her senses. Her claws are also so sharp that she can pierce the skin of Wonder Woman, a remarkable feat that makes her a threat to Diane.
4. If I am correct in my assumption (a very popular one from what I have seen) then the alter ego to Cheetah is Barbara Ann Minevra. She is a British Archaeologist and heiress to a rich estate, her passion for archelogy led her to Africa where she becomes the Cheetah.
5. She is able to use her human form, she doesn’t permanently walk around as a cheetah, I can only imagine all the strange looks she would get if she did. It’s not exactly a subtle form when she has fur and claws, however in the comics she can be in pain whilst in her human form but have severe bloodthirst while in her cheetah form.
6. Cheetah has a fascination with Diane Prince due to her history and who she is, as an archaeologist she longs to add the lasso of truth to her collection of historical artefacts. As you can imagine this is one of several causes for the clashes between the two women.


Now then, do I think that Kristen Wiig is a good pick for the role of this iconic character? The answer to that is yes. While she may be renowned for her comedic roles, she is a very capable and talented actress in more series/ unusual roles too. If you haven’t witnessed her performance in mother then I would urge you to at least have a look at that as a demonstration her other abilities as an actress, not just her comedic attribute.
Hopefully those 6 quick facts were at least a tiny bit helpful, perhaps you learned something new or maybe you already knew all of those. I will do an in-depth post on the character of the Cheetah when it is confirmed which Cheetah it is that Wiig will be portraying.

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