Mass Effect trilogy Remaster?

A Burnout: Paradise remaster holds no appeal to me what so ever, you know what does appeal to me though? That EA have gone back on their word that they will focus purely on new IPs as opposed to remastering already released games. This gives me an all new hope that there may still be a chance for us to receive a full Mass Effect trilogy remaster, something that many gamers including myself have been wanting to see for quite some time now.

This is something that Mass Effect fans have been asking for ever since remasters had started becoming a thing, honestly the fact that EA refused to do so confused the hell out of me, EA have got to be one of if not the most money grabbing companies in gaming, with the micro transactions they insist on not only having but making them nearly essential to achieve what you want out of a game. Remasters are easy money, we all know that, but there is more to them than a quick bug for these major video game companies. Lets take the Uncharted trilogy for example, about 5 months before the much anticipated release of Uncharted 4 we were all treated to a remastered version of the trilogy, this no doubt affected the sales of Sonys new exclusive in a positive way, all current Uncharted fans were excited to replay the previous adventures on their next gen consoles, while people who liked the look of Uncharted 4 but had never played the previous titles now had the chance to catch up and get themselves ready for Drakes final adventure.

This would have made so much sense for EA to do with the Mass Effect trilogy, people would have gone nuts to replay arguably one of the best video game trilogies of all time just before the release of the newest instalment, this is something Bioware were happy to do however EA wasn’t. after the success not only Uncharted but other remasters have seen one does have to question EAs logic on this topic. Now more than ever a Mass Effect trilogy remaster would be well received by fans, while I enjoyed Andromeda there are many that didn’t, should EA truly desire to save the series then rewarding the loyal fans and offering something to those that were bitterly disappointed with Andromeda would go a long way in doing so. A sequel to Andromeda currently looks unlikely at best, so why not improve those odds or at the very least make themselves a quick buck by giving the people what they want.
Remasters are something that people both want and enjoy, back in January Bandai Namco officially announced the remaster of From Softwares Dark Souls, a game that many had longed to see make that remastered leap to next gen consoles and I can guarantee that Bandai are going to benefit greatly from this, a benefit that EA have continually missed out on thanks to their former firm belief in no remasters. Of all their titles that they could choose to break their rule for, I have to ask why Burnout Paradise? Surely Mass Effect is going to make them a lot more money and please a lot more people than Burnout, or perhaps another Bioware title known as Dragon Age, with the recent announcement of Dragon Age 4 I’m willing to bet that there are many people who would love to replay Origins at least on PS4 and Xbox one.

I don’t see any negative side effects to releasing a remastered version of one of the most loved trilogies of all time, in fact Mass Effect 2 holds the title for my favourite ever video game, it was a masterpiece that would be well received alongside the other two entries. I can only imagine how visually stunning all three games would look with todays graphics, particularly the first Mass Effect with will be 11 years old this year. The revenue that many companies receive thanks to their remasters is something that I believe EA are starting to realise is something for them to cash in on from a business point of view, this additional revenue would no doubt benefit an already money grabbing EA. But if it gives me something that I would truly love to see then nobody can lose, there are only positives to be gained by both EA and the fans so why not make it happen.
With this big step forward for EA I do think we will see them remaster more titles, eventually I do believe we will see a remastered version of Shepards story, I only hope that this day is sooner rather than later.


  • If I had to make a guess, I’d say it’s something to do with the Andromeda release being less successful than hoped. I suspect they’ll leave the series dormant for 5+ years, then announce a new game with a remastered trilogy release to remind people about how good the series was.


  • I’ve never played any of the Mass Effect games, and I will admit that the reason I haven’t played Andromeda is because of that. My roommate has that game on his PS4, so I could have played it any time, but I wanted to play the trilogy first. I haven’t looked to see if they’re available as part of Xbox One’s backwards compatibility, but I’d really like to play a remastered version. Well, you called Mass Effect 2 a masterpiece. Would that make it a re-masterpiece…?

    I’ll see myself out…

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    • Andromeda was a good game, it just didn’t live up to the expectations that many had. The trilogy is available through backwards compatibility for the Xbox one. For me ME2 was a masterpiece for the story, the story progressed nicely from the first game leading nicely into the third. The gameplay was brilliant and the characters were well written, they all served a purpose. I felt enthralled constantly wanting to know what was going to happen next. There was never a dull moment from start to finish. If you ever get the chance to give the trilogy a go then I highly recommend it.


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  • Favorite trilogy I haven’t tried the 4th game though, by the way I love your blog!!

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  • I’d 100% be behind a remastered version, particularly with ME1, which I never really played. I started with ME2 and trying to switch to the gameplay of the first after that was a bit tough. ME2 is an absolute masterpiece, and I’d be keen for my boyfriend to play it so he can finally see what I’ve been screeching about for the last few years.

    I liked Andromeda, but I wanted to LOVE it. I’m debating picking it up again though, if only just to romance a different character, because that’s what Mass Effect is really about after all isn’t it?

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    • It’s the remaster I am waiting for the most to be honest. I completed 1 before 2 thankfully otherwise I know I would have had the same problem as you, especially after how incredible Mass Effect 2 was! If a remaster does come out the there is no reason for him not to play it.

      I’m in the same boat, I did enjoy Andromeda and feel it got more hate than it deserved but it didn’t grip me like the previous games did. I have completed 2 romances so far so perhaps I will go back through for that. You are right, in the trilogy I completed almost all the romances I played it that much!

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  • Having never played these games a remaster would be nice, although finding the time to play them might be difficult.

    That said I saw the scene with Shepard talking with the Reapers about their goals, and damn was that well written and voiced. Really outstanding work there.

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    • that would be the one problem, with so many great games coming out finding time for a whole trilogy would be tricky.
      The writing and voice acting was great all throughout the trilogy, a very enjoyable experience all the way through.

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  • I would love to have the original Mass Effect games as HD Remasters.

    I played them for the first time last year in preparation for Andromeda and was blown away by them. Which made the crap-fest that was Mass Effect Andromeda even more disappointing for me.

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    • The trilogy is an incredible experience! I would be all over a remastered version as would an awful lot of people.

      Yeah playing the trilogy right before Andromeda would have definitely highlighted the problem that game has a lot more! Bioware went from an amazing standard to not good enough with Andromeda.


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