Mario Kart Tour: Finally Mario is coming to Smart Phones!!

Arguably one of the most successful racing game series of all time, Nintendo have announced that Mario Kart is going to be the next of their IPs to make the leap to smart phone. That’s right folks, by March 2019 you will be able to jump into a race as your favourite Mario character anywhere and at any time, it will be known as Mario Kart Tour.
Mario Kart has been one of the most popular family racing game since its initial release back in back in 1992 as Super Mario Kart, since then there has been an additional 7 games released for consoles and 4 have been released in arcades, this brings the grand total up 12, making Mario Kart Tour the 13th game in the Mario Kart Series. To me it Makes perfect sense for Nintendo to want one of its biggest series to make that leap onto smart phone. The Deluxe Mario Kart for the Switch has sold 7.33 million copies making it the second biggest game for the console behind Super Mario Odyssey.

I can just imagine the hype that will be surrounding the initial release, people love to have a get together to see who can tear it up best on the Mario tracks and now everyone will be able to race anytime they, if a group of you are travelling somewhere and need a way to pass the time, Nintendo are going to make it that much easier for you. It’s no secret that Mario is one of the biggest drawers to owning a Nintendo console, alongside Zelda and I for one can’t wait to have the ability to throw Yoshi into his kart, speeding round the track, taking all the opposition out.
If I’m being completely honest I think the real surprise surrounding this announcement is that Nintendo didn’t have thought of doing this so much sooner! I think its been obvious to everyone that the jump makes sense, a fun racing game on mobile is a no brainer, finally Nintendo have realised this as well.


  • As cool as it would be to play Mario Kart on your smartphone, I would still rather play it on the Nintendo Switch, but I guess this would appeal more to those who don’t own that console

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  • I hope this goes over well. If I understand correctly, Mario Run didn’t perform nearly as well as they had hoped, and Miitomo didn’t either. Though I suspect Mario Kart would be a pretty hot item, but you never know. People like their Nintendo games on the TV and the DS. I love Nintendo, but even I feel like being on a mobile phone platform somehow feels…well…”dirty”! 😆
    Maybe its just me!

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    • Nah, I totally agree. I don’t know how you can play Mario Kart without physical controls. Coming from someone who played it since the SNES days so maybe I’m just old school, but I can’t stand racing games with touch controls. It just doesn’t give the right kind of feedback.

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  • You are right, Mario run didn’t do half as well as they had hoped. As someone who doesn’t have the switch at the moment my best chance of playing Mario Kart is on my phone, though I do have to agree it won’t be same as holding the controller as you speed round the track.

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  • I’m am soooo excited for Mario Kart Tour! Thank you for the post! I can see myself playing this game on mobile on my breaks at work.

    -Luna 🙂

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  • I think it’s great they’re tapping into mobile gaming, it’s rising. But as a Mario Kart game, nothing beats playing with others locally to be honest.

    I wonder how much money they can make through selling maps and characters on mobile ;P

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  • I can’t really get into gaming on mobile to be honest. I’ve tried a bit in the past but couldn’t stick with it. Sometimes I’ll play Hearthstone on the train but nothing more than that.

    Could just be an issue with battery consumption though, which is why I tend to stay away.


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