BloodBorne: The Death Of Sleep, releases next month

This isn’t the type of post that I would usually do but I can’t sit idly by and ignore my sheer excitement at seeing one of my favourite ever games be turned into another one of my favourite past times, a comic book. Besides gaming I have a strong love for comics and graphic novels, if this goes well perhaps I will share my thoughts on the vast imaginative world of comics. Anyway back to my main reason for this post. BloodBorne. The Ps4 exclusive phenomenon that captured so many game of the year awards as well as making many Xbox One players resent its exclusivity is being made into a series of comics, the first of which is being released in February.
Ever since I first walked through those disturbing streets, ever since I first laid eyes on the Yharnamites never mind the foul beasts that lurk throughout the gothic city, I knew that it would transition well into a comic series, it has everything that a successful comic needs. The setting and the story are second to none, the comic is set to follow a nameless hunter through his nightly hunt, you have to wonder if some of the beasts we met on our hunt are going to appear to try and end the hunt of another. I can’t think of anyone better than Titan Comics to take this series on with Ales Kot writing it. Kot is a huge fan of BloodBorne and has written some incredible comics in the past, this gives me great hope for this new series. The released art work looks incredible, the gothic nature of Bloodborne has been captured perfectly.

Personally I would love a mixture of creatures, seeing both old and new faces would be brilliant. It is always great to see some old favourites be it in a video game, film or comic. I have no doubt that a cleric beast will make an appearance, for most it was the first boss they encountered in Yharnam, meeting it again during the hunt of another hunter would be interesting to read and bring back fond frustrating memories of learning to smack a beasts booty. Although that doesn’t mean new foes, new beasts aren’t welcome, in fact I highly encourage it, I’m sure that the scourge has so much more to offer, there must be more for us to learn, the old hunters DLC explain an awful lot but there is still room to learn more about the origins of the scourge, as well as see a formidable hunter tear down whatever may stand in his way.
Do you want to see this new nameless hunter take on the dark beasts of such a cursed city? Or was once ghastly hunt more than enough for you. BloodBorne: The Death Of Sleep is released on 21st February, are you ready to dive back into the hunt?

Tonight SGG joins the hunt….


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