Bioware confirms new Dragon Age!

Fovfmtgkgjgihmthgkbvdvlkfvdlv!!! That is essentially my reaction to discovering that there is a new Dragon Age in the works, and in case my incredible words (word?) didn’t sum up my feelings well enough I am officially ecstatic! Dragon Age has long been a series I have held a strong fondness for with Dragon Age Inquisition being one of my favourite games on next generation consoles, it was a huge improvement on Dragon Age 2 though make no mistake I did enjoy my time in Kirkwall.

But Inquisition reaffirmed my love for the series, it was the first game I actually purchased brand new for my PS4 and it didn’t disappoint, I enjoyed being the inquisitor, winning allies to defeat what appeared impossible odds. Bioware truly do have a habit of creating some of my favourite games, both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series are amazing. I for one cannot wait to see what is up next for the heroes in Thedas. Will our journey as the inquisitor carry on? Will we see the champion of Kirkwall again? Or perhaps my favourite thought, will we get to see the hero of Fereldan again? All of those are possible, there is no way that the cast of characters Bioware has already established will be forgotten, I’m already confident we will have familiar faces in our party.
Now I know that most of the focus is on Anthem right now especially since it has been pushed back to early 2019, perhaps a surprise for some but not for me, I knew there was no way we would be seeing Anthem this year, it was an ambitious task to say the least. However it has been confirmed that there are team members at Bioware who have already turned their attention to Dragon Age and they are hard at work ensuring the 4th instalment will be just as good, if not better than the last. I know that I am one of the few who actually thought Andromeda got a lot more hate than it deserved but Bioware needs to get the new Dragon Age game right, Mass Effect and Dragon Age are the 2 biggest franchises they have at the moment and considering the fact that Mass Effects future is rocky at best they need to ensure that their fantasy series lives on and truly delivers to its fans.
The is one thing that I can say for definite and that is that after the tweet from Casey Hudson the team are planning on making sure the game still has plenty to offer you after the story has been finished.
Casey Hudson
Reading lots of feedback regarding Dragon Age, and I think you’ll be relieved to see what the team is working on. Story & character focused.

Too early to talk details, but when we talk about “live” it just means designing a game for continued storytelling after the main story.
12:04 PM – Jan 25, 2018
I will absolutely be staying up to date with any and all news related to the new Dragon Age game so be sure to keep an eye out for those if you also want to stay up to date. Are you excited for a new Dragon Age? Let me know your thoughts on this piece of news.


  • jdlkdjaskldsa,mnd asknda sdam n! These are my words reading!!! Is this for real! Oh my god you just made me so happy right now!!!! My favorite continues to be the first one, the second was meh, but inquisition as what it did to you, it also “reaffirmed my love for the series” 😀
    Great news and great post 🙂

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  • I used to adore this franchise, but Dragon Age Inquisition put a real damper on it for me.

    I hope the next one is amazing, as I love this world.

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  • I am pretty excited for a new Dragon Age, I just really hope that they learned their lessons from Andromeda.

    I have to imagine that they are going to make sure both this and Anthem will be perfect and hopefully will bring them out of this slump.

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  • I loved Dragon Age, really enjoyed my time with the Grey Warden. I even preordered the collector’s edition for Dragon Age 2, only to regret it later. Inquisition did many things right but I always felt constrained in it, like the maps only looked sprawling but were just a series of tight corridors. Perhaps not on the starting maps, but the later ones definitely, as if they’d given up midway through. The whole repeatable resources quests for the inquisition was also very confusing for me, I never felt like my efforts had any effect.

    I did like the callbacks to previous games, but instead of having a message from my dragon age 1 character and having Hawke as an NPC, wouldn’t it have been amazing if our characters joined the Inquisitor? If instead of a new Grey Warden we’d had our Warden, the hero of Ferelden and Hawke join the party? Would’ve opened so many opportunities for storytelling, especially with Morrigan there.

    Another complaint I had was that the app that was supposed to bring in my saves from earlier games was completely useless. I had all my saves ready to bring in my choices and it still went with some pregenerated stuff that contradicted most of my choices.

    If Dragon Age 4 is coming, I want it to be big and amazing, but I’m cautious about it.

    I enjoyed Andromeda despite some uneven writing and a clear lack of quality assurance, which ultimately killed any chance that game had for sequels. I was actually sad about that, I have a soft spot for unfinished series and Andromeda should’ve continued, it had enough interesting characters in it to keep me hooked. I did avoid romancing because I’ve grown bored of Bioware romances.

    What would you like to see in Dragon Age 4?

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    • Dragon age was fantastic, I loved my adventures with my grey warden. While I did like Hawke Dragon Age 2 was unfortunately lacklustre in places. I thought Inquisition righted a lot of the wrongs from Dragon Age 2, though I do have to agree that certain areas were a bit too constraint towards the end game, a great shame considering how much I enjoyed exploring the earlier areas.

      That would have been amazing, I always for only receiving a letter from our grey warden was a bit disappointing and while I did enjoy seeing Hawke and fighting alongside him in the fade I think it would have brought a lot more to the game and story to have them as a permanent member of the team.

      That really is disappointing, go through 2 games and have some of your choices taken away from you altering what would have been your story is quite poor, I can understand why that would have effected your view on the game.

      I found Andromeda to be an enjoyable experience despite its obvious issues, the fact that a sequel seems unlikely is quite upsetting as Mass Effect is one of my favourite franchises of all time.

      I was planning a post for what I would like to see in Dragon Age 4, but I would have to say I hope to see plenty of recurring faces. I wouldn’t mind continuing with my inquisitor but should I need to be a new character I would hope to see all three previous heroes in the 4th game (if they survived your choices). I hope the story answers some of the questions I have left from Inquisition, particularly to do with Solas. I would like to see some new areas, with a large landscape for those of us who enjoy a good expedition and exploration.

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      • I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind a time-skip, a Dragon Age game set a couple of decades after Inquisition, when our old characters have already faded into legends. Start with a clean slate so to speak, give the world a fresh start, same as it was in Origins, so we can rediscover the world without the heavy baggage of the previous three storylines.

        Considering how long elves live, we could still get something with Solas, whom I absolutely detested in Inquisition. But it would be great to see it from a new perspective, similar to how Andromeda did it, a new character, without the burdens of past protagonists.

        Though having said so, maybe Dragon Age needs as Commander Shepard, a central figure to act as singular protagonist.

        Imagine if Dragon Age 1 – 3 had been about the same character, the Grey Warden and their ongoing adventures. By Dragon Age Inquisition, being a singular protagonist the conflicts would’ve felt much more personal, as they would have ties to all plot lines.

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      • A time skip could be the refreshing element that Bioware may need to ensure the success of the game. but I do think a consistent protagonist would be the way to go, as you say it feels so much more personal when you are following the story of one main character. to me I feel like I need to make each decision carefully when I know it is going to impact my character further down the line.

        I think that there are several positives Bioware could take from Andromeda and apply them to the new Dragon Age. while the writing of the game wasn’t as good as it could have been, they did an incredible job of creating this new galaxy for us to explore.

        I have no doubt that Dragon Age will be a great experience no matter how they decide to handle it. be it a follow on from Inquisition or years later.

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  • That is freaking awesome and About damn time. I just finished a play through on Inquisition a month ago on the highest setting. I am looking forward to what Bioware does with the next Dragon Age! I would love to write the script for a Dragon Age movie.

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    • I agree I’ve been waiting for this announce for quite some time. I still need to go through on the highest setting I like a challenge. So am I, it has the potential to be incredible if done right. A Dragon Age movie would be amazing.

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  • Dragon Age Origins is still one of my all time favorite games but I really enjoyed Inquisition too. It was a different game for sure but I felt like it captured the essence of what it meant to be a Bioware game more than DA2 ever did. I’ll be looking for more complex level design and awesome characters in the next game.

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  • Here’s to it actually being written more like a quality mature fantasy that ANYONE can love! To me, Dragonage has always played it safe in terms of mature and sexual themes.

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