Dark Souls is being remastered!!

Finally! The news that I had long been waiting for! Dark Souls is finally being remastered, and I for one can’t wait to fight my way through Lordran on my PS4. Only recently did I first embark upon a journey though the first Dark Souls game, I didn’t know if it was going to live up to the hype that had been built up around it for nearly 7 years but I was very wrong. The first time I met the legendary O&S fast became one of my most memorable moments in gaming. Not to mention I think this instalment does indeed boast some of the best bosses of the entire series, though there are some dregs amongst the legendary…(Bed of Chaos anyone!?). But I simply do not have the words to describe my joy at this announcement, before I had even played the original version for myself I had been wanting them to remaster it, as I am sure many people did.

The rumours had been circulating for a while regarding this remaster, I first heard rumours of this over a year ago, as well as unconfirmed rumours of a demons souls remaster (Something else I would been ecstatic to play). Since the beginning of December last year I had been long awaiting the news to be confirmed, after having seen various tweets hinting that the announcement was coming, news that I am sure many people were waiting to hear. The 25th may this year will mark the beginning of many journeys through Lordran, it will be the beginning of revisiting some of the biggest names this series has to offer. Not to mention that for those new to the series who have only had the pleasure of journeying through Bloodborne, Dark souls 3 or Dark souls 2 they can finally experience what was the first souls experience for most, the most beloved instalment by most.

Honestly I knew that a remaster had to be coming, after all they did it for Dark Souls 2, the undisputed champion for worst souls game. There will be several posts regarding my thoughts on Dark Souls 2 and why I am one of those who does hold it in a low regard so keep your eyes peeled for that! But I will not let what I consider to be mediocre take away from the announcement of something I consider to be incredible. While I do plan on posting about Dark Souls 2 you can be sure that there will be plenty of posts about this masterpiece as we await the much anticipated remaster.

Sorry that this was such a quick post but I just needed to express my excitement over getting to play an incredible game all over again! So will you be picking up a copy of the remastered Dark Souls come may 25th?


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