Bioware confirms no ME: Andromeda DLC!

It’s official, the team behind Mass Effect Andromeda have just confirmed that there will be no further work done to this game for single player what so ever. This includes the patch updates, 1.10 is confirmed to be the last patch for Andromeda. This means no DLC, no closure on the Quarian ark. The Quarians are by far one of the most popular races of the Mass Effect universe and many people were looking forward to seeing them again in this new galaxy but alas the gamers that supported this game have been left disappointed thanks to the dark side of the gaming community where they made sure that this game tanked.The original trilogy is one of my favourites with Mass Effect 2 being a strong contender for my favourite ever game, it was a master piece. While I agree Andromeda was some way off being equal to the original trilogy I still found myself enjoying this new galaxy with it’s new story and characters.

The truth is this game was never going to meet the expectations of the vast majority of the community as they held their expectations ridiculously high. So high that they went on to criticise every aspect of this game, they even criticised Bioware when they were trying to make these improvements, the negative community have managed to ensure that all those fans who have supported Andromeda are left with a bitter taste in their mouth as they will not find out what happened to the Quarian ark through DLC, we won’t get any gun packs or gear packs like we did with Mass Effect 2 and 3.

I will admit that upon my first play through the game simply didn’t reach my standards but that was because like most people I was comparing it to the story of Commander Shepard which simply wasn’t really fair. Firstly there was a new team creating Andromeda though I do think this was a mistake and they need to take some responsibility for the tanking of this game, secondly this was a whole new galaxy, with a whole new cast and story. People simply didn’t let themselves enjoy the new cause they love the old so much.

Don’t get me wrong I can name a fair few new characters that I can’t stand which naturally hinders my opinion slightly as I am sure it has done for other people but it isn’t enough to truly condemn this game. Instead of being so negative people needed to give constructive criticism not this is so rubbish, you have ruined Mass Effect. Because truth is as much as I agree this new team were not up to the task, the Mass Effect community have also helped to ruin this game. I completed this game 4 times before moving onto anything else, no I didn’t enjoy it as much as 2 or 3 but of course it was better than the first game.

The saddest part about this though is that those who have done nothing but support Andromeda have been punched in the gut, they were the people holding out hoping to see the Quarian ark soon with the single player DLC, but no, those loyal Mass Effect fans don’t get rewarded instead they get punished thanks to all those who ensured this game failed. Some Quarian DLC would have been amazing, I for one will be buying the comic that Dark Horse are releasing about it, it had such great potential as a DLC and with everything Bioware did learn from the constructive feedback they could have made some terrific DLC.

It think I would only be fair to say thank you to Bioware for as always fixing as many problems as they could through multiple patches, they even added an extra romance option for Scott Ryder, they added more customisation options when creating your Ryder. They fixed the animations that were pretty terrible upon release so I could understand the criticism there. They did fix as much of their game as they could with such a poor response by many fans.

Thank you Bioware for this adventure, while it did need some work and wasn’t quite as good as the others it certainly didn’t deserve the terrible backlash that it received.

I will write a full review on the game and my thoughts both positive and negative in an up coming post. Remember to all those of you like me who are disappointed about this, there will be books and comics to finish the story of Andromeda.

Thank you for reading, I’ll be back soon!

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