For Honor AFKers go away!!

Right so if you have read my review on this game then you will be aware that I have a huge disdain for the AFK players that exploiting the game. Putting it bluntly it ruins the experience of other players, it puts a damper on their own enjoyment of the game, something Ubisoft have finally realised.

That’s right Ubisoft have just announced this week that they will be issuing bans for all those who have been AFK using an elastic band to keep their characters moving! Ubisoft declared that they understand how this hinders the experience of those who play the game the way it was intended, and how these players are all in violation of their code of conduct, something we all have to agree to before stepping foot on the battlefield. Should Ubisoft consider it to be serious enough given the amount of complaints they receive about a certain player they may decide to issue a life time ban, before those of you who use the AFK method start shouting ‘I PAYED £50 FOR THIS GAME!’ Maybe you should have read the small print before clicking that agree button.

For Honor has got the potential to be one of the best multiplayer games out there for the next gen consoles but with people exploiting it the way they are it is ruining what I consider to be a great game and a great community. I personally have come across some great players who have been not only a joy to battle with but a pleasure to cross blades with too. There are many players in this community that are great through playing this game the way it was intended, sure you are always going to get people who can’t take losing but I believe the decent players far outweigh those individuals.

Thankfully Ubisoft have decided enough is enough, giving all those who play the properly including the sore losers the experience they truly deserve.

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