Welcome back Crash, our furry hero!

Since we are nearing the end of 2016 I thought now would be a good time to look forward to 2017, a year that’s set to be another extraordinary year for gamers worldwide. Of course we have resident evil 7, Nioh, For Honor, Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect Andromeda all by the end of March! All of these games are reason alone to be excited for 2017 and all of them will no doubt have their own posts from me in the future.

But as the title suggests I want to talk about the lovable bandicoot that stole the hearts of many back in 1996. Crash Bandicoot helped to define a generation of gaming, he’s still one of Sonys main mascots, he was the baby of Naughty Dog until they decided to work through Sony alone without Universal Studios. A decision that has brought us Jak, Uncharted and The Last of Us all of which are hugely recognised games. 

The crash games are easily one of the most recognisable franchises of all time spanning across an insane amount of not just main instalments but other instalments such as Crash Bash and Crash Boom Bang both of which are classed as party games. Crash also boasts a trilogy of fun racing games, that were exciting for the time of their releases. You know what though the Crash were not just great because of the main protagonist but they were great because of a vast array of characters including the primary antagonist Dr Neo Cortex, then there was the introduction of his sister Coco in Crash 2 Cortex strikes back and the introduction of his brother crunch in The Wrath of Cortex. The bosses such as Tiny and Dingodile were also fun and intriguing, then Pura an Polar Coco and Crashs pets respectively were just simply adorable, in fact one of my favourite levels of all time involves Coco riding Pura across the Great Wall of China! 2017 is set to be an incredible year for fans of this fury hero as they will see his original trilogy make a come back to the PS4 having been fully remastered, we can even see Crashs fur thanks to today’s graphics! The games levels themselves have had a complete overhaul keeping them the same as they were when we first played them but giving them the prettier look of today’s games.

Crash Bandicoot was the very first game I played when I got my first PlayStation and I fell in love straight away, Crash and co certainly have a special place in my heart. The level designs were great with it never feeling too repetitive due to the different environments the levels took place in and it was a fun platformer with every gamer that owned a PlayStation playing it. Crash was relevant back in 1996, he was fresh and he was new, ultimately springing him to iconic video game status. But there is key question that has been asked since the remastered trilogy was announced, will Crash still be relevant in 2017? While this is in my mind a fair question I also believe in my mind that the answer is simple, yes he will remain relevant. Crash the N sanity trilogy brings with it a huge nostalgic effect for millions of gamers and for the younger generation of gamers they are finally going to get to play the video game phenomenon that defined a generation of gaming. I don’t think that games like Crash Bandicoot can ever really become dated, just like the remastered version of Resident Evil. Resident evil helped to define the same generation of gaming that Crash did and people went crazy to play through that horrifying mansion all over again.

Unfortunately there is no set release date yet but we do know that 2017 is definitely the year of crashs comeback, if I had to have a guess I’d say that we will be guiding Crash through those 3 islands by the summer if not some time during spring. But one thing is for sure, when Crash does hit the shelves for the PS4 I will be there and I will be eating all the wumpa fruit whilst avoiding falling to my death down a never ending hole. Crash Bandicoot is just one reason to be excited for 2017, there are plenty of other games set to hit the shelves next year as I mentioned earlier.

With the release of the remastered Crash trilogy it paves the way for other potential remastered games such as the Spyro trilogy should Crash captivate audiences like he did 20 years ago.

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