Resident Evil 7

So after the mediocre Resident Evil 6 it’s safe to say that we are all hoping for a new horror master piece in the form of Resident Evil 7. I wouldn’t say that Resident Evil 6 was a bad game, I would certainly say that it was an improvement upon number 5 which was by far the worst instalment across the entire franchise. But that does in no way mean that it was a good instalment in what we can all agree is one of the best horror franchises ever.

Now Resident Evil 7 seems to be taking the franchise in a whole new direction, it’s a breath of fresh air potentially. We are so used to being a bad ass agent with a gun in Resident Evil games that changing that up in the new instalment is either going make or break this game. Personally I’m looking forward to playing as an average character who has become caught up in whatever horrors it is that we are going to find. To me the true way to scare people the true way to make us panic is for us to not be an immediate bad ass that can use every type of gun, that is ultimately strong both mentally and physically. To me it takes away some of the psychological effects of a horror game, why should I fear what could be round the corner when I can fight anything and everything with relative ease. Fortunately for me it they have changed that for number 7 and I couldn’t be excited about it.

It also looks like they are taking a page out of silent hills book with the horror side of it. To me Resident Evil was always about shooting down as many zombies and mutated creatures as we possibly could, but Resident Evil 7 seems to be more on the side of rewarding the player for being cautious. Maybe rewarding isn’t the correct word as they are forcing the player to have more caution about them rather than charging in all guns blazing.

The first-person perspective is new to the franchise too which to me adds to the terror of a horror game it’s as though you are the one walking through the hallways, it’s one of the many things that made Outlast as terrifying as that was. Don’t try and deny it you are all still trying to get over the horrors form that asylum as much as I am…

Resident Evil is the mother of all survival horror games, back in 1996 it really bought the genre to life, with Silent Hill coming out a year later it set the standard for all horror games in the 20 years following its release. That’s why I’m so excited for Resident Evil 7 its new its fresh just like the first instalment was back in 1996. After playing the beginning hour I am so intrigued to see where this game is going and why the house we played the demo in is going to be significant, it has been stated by the games developers that certain items found throughout the demo might not have had any importance in the beginning hour but they could very well prove to be of some significance at some point during the actual game such as the dummy finger, I drove myself crazy trying to figure out what it does.

January 2017 is either going to revitalise a legendary franchise or it could cause Capcom to go back to the drawing board if they want to safe it.


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