Did Overwatch destroy BattleBorn?

Did Overwatch destroy Battleborn? People seem to think so, people seem to think that Overwatch is supreme in every possible way, is it possible though that Battleborns limited success was in fact the doing of poor release timing? Well that’s what we are going to look at now. But before we do I have something to say…The intro for Battleborn was by far one of the best I have seen in any game and that is a fact! No debate, no discussion, end of story.

Battleborn is made by the same people that gave us one of the best series of games from the last decade Borderlands and they are Gearbox. So, it’s not as if Battleborn was being created by some unknown amateurs, fans of the Borderlands games would have been anticipating the release of Battleborn no matter when the release would be but that brings us to the point of did releasing it a mere 3 weeks before the release of Blizzards newest release ruin its chances of being as successful as it potentially could have been. We all know how big the fan base for Blizzard is and we all most certainly know what they are most famous for. World of Warcraft is one of the most defining games in history, it is the biggest MMO out there with one of the biggest fan bases known to the gaming world. So it begs the question…What the hell was going through the minds of 2K and Gearbox when they came up with their release date!!! Come on trying to compete with Blizzard was a stupid idea, they are the kings of MMO all players of the genre were going to turn to it, no matter how much the players enjoyed Battleborn they were bound to turn their attention to Overwatch.

Now I am a huge fan of Battleborn, I love the story, the characters and the sense of humour that I share with it. I truly am a sucker for the charm of Borderlands and Battleborn alike, what can I say it just speaks my language. It also happens to be a very good FPS mixed with a good dose of MMO, and in my opinion it does in fact tick a lot of the right boxes, the fact that it has a single player mode makes me grin, that’s the one thing about online only games that does my head in is the lack of single player modes. Is it really that difficult to just put a few solo missions in there somewhere? I don’t always want to play against other people, other people have an incredible talent of annoying me…

Now I do of course play online, it would be stupid to own a game like Battleborn without wanting to destroy other players while making a fool of myself but the single player is something I enjoy, like I said it’s unusual for this sort of game to offer something for those that like to finish a game solo without stepping foot into an arena full of bigger, badder and better players who make them look worse than amateurs. Overwatch on the other hand is all PVP, there is no single player mode, again I love playing it, as much as other players have made me want to truly shoot them instead of virtually shooting them, playing online is something else entirely, you can’t claim to be a true gamer without proving your worth by spilling the blood of your gamers. Overwatch is a true MMO, with a huge community backing it, continuously supporting it.

As you may have figured out by now my personal favourite is Battleborn, I still actively play and will continue to do so as they release their new characters. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get why Overwatch has dominated. For the first three weeks of Battleborns release it did have a vast number of players who had been patiently waiting for this MMO to hit, but after those three weeks, the king of MMOs presented its new baby, the newest edition to its growing dynasty. It has been one of the biggest releases of the year, and it’s not difficult to see why. The only thing that is truly annoying about it is the same as anytime you play online, you get the noob that sucks and will never be good no matter how hard they try and though they may not mean to they KILL YOU!! (yes I do speak from experience….). Now if we put gameplay aside, the graphics for both games are on point, seriously they are truly beautiful games to play, that is something that battleborn can safely say Overwatch hasn’t decimated them on, they have both proven to be fantastic as far as the eye can see.

Honestly was there any other company in the world that could have truly competed with Blizzard upon release within close proximity to one another that both centred around being an MMO? The answer is no of course not, the reputation that Blizzard was able to build wasn’t built overnight, no it’s been years in the making, it’s been years of producing incredible games with incredible content. So Gearbox and 2K should have really thought about that upon finding out their release date was uncomfortably close to the release of Blizzards game, timing is everything in every sense of life and that also applies when trying to optimise a video game.

So, do I believe that timing was the downfall of what I found to be a charming, action packed, fun game? Yeah I honestly do, I don’t think Battleborn would have struggled had it been released at a more sensible time in relation to the release of Overwatch, but that is something that Gearbox and 2K have found out the hard way. What was obvious to you and me was clearly overlooked by Battleborns creators, hmm a very costly mistake. I would love to see a Battleborn 2, they left a huge opening for one, the ending did indicate in a big way there would be a second one but after the reception of this one and its losing battle against one of the biggest games of the year I don’t feel optimistic. But they do seem to be finding some success with the release of their DLC and new characters, with any luck Gearbox will prove me wrong and we will see Battleborn 2 in a couple of years.

While Battleborn has admittedly lost a huge battle it still ticked all the right boxes for me, it’s just a shame that poor timing tarnished what was a great FPS/MMO.


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